Sunday, 24 May 2009

Kensington Hospital Remembered

On Saturday 16th May St.Brides Castle and the Holiday Property Bond
were hosts to a unique ceremony, the inveiling of a commemorative plaque recognising fifty five years of patient care that took place there from 1923 to 1978, in its role as Kensington Hospital.
From the early to late 20th century Kensington Hospital, a childrens hospital for Wales and Monmouth, specialised in the treatment and abolition of the one time dreaded disease Tuberculosis.
With litle if any remedy for Tuberculosis, for two or three decades
the main treatment was plenty of rest and fresh air. It was in 1948-9 that the children of Kensington Hospital were given hope, and eventually a new lease of life with the new wonder drug Streptimycin.
What made Kensington Hospital so unique,
was that many patients were subjected to not days and weeks of confinement, but years. Yet despite long periods away from home, thanks to a Hospital Management, and supportive team of staff, the morale of those young patients were kept high, and all received a limited education
The Commemorative Plaque Ceremony at the Castle was witnessed by the Hyell Dda NHS Trust Chairman Mr.Chris Martin, and the Mayor of Haverforwest Councillor Cheryl Hanley.Despite the achievements of the one time Kensington Hospital in Pembrokeshire, both BBC.Wales
and The Western Telegraph, apparantly considered the coverage of Murders in Pembrokeshire, more important than regonition of years
of dedication that took place during the scurge of Tuberculosis
up to its abolition in the late 50's and 60's.


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